Proceedings of the 12th IAMB Conference

Spring 2012

Manuscripts listed alphabetically by first Author

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Ph.D. Student

Graduate School

Universitas Islam Indonesia

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The Impact of Education Service Quality on the Long-Term Relationship

Author(s): Albari, Anas Hidayat


Almobaireek, Wafa N.

King Saud University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Using E-Shopping in the Middle East Country:  A Case Study of Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Wafa N. Almobaireek, Ahmed A. Alshumaimeri


Baral, Rupashree

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Studies

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai, India

Predicting Work-Family Conflict: Comparison between Situation and Person-Based Predictors

Author(s): Rupashree Baral


Chang, Kuo-I

Assistant Professor

Department of International Business

Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Hualien, Taiwan

Effects of a Rival's Perceived Actions on Constructive Competition

Author(s): Kuo-I Chang, Hong-Ju Chen


Chang, Yuan-Chieh


Institute of Technology Management

National Tsing Hua University

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Entrepreneurial Universities and Research Ambidexterity: Towards a Multi-Level Analysis

Author(s): Yuan-Chieh Chang, Ming-Huei Chang, Phil Y. Yang, Hui-Ru Chi, Tung-Fei Tsai-Lin


Chiu, Wen-Hong

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration

Asia University

Taichung, Taiwan

Improving Radical Innovation in Established Firms: Dynamic Capabilities Perspective

Author(s): Wen-Hong Chiu, Hui-Ru Chi, Yuan-Chieh Chang, Ming-Huei Chen


Christy, Angeline

Ph.D. Student

Department of Management Studies

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai, India

Examining the Factors Influencing ERP Usage and Its Impact on Panoptic Empowerment and End User Performance

Author(s): Angeline Christy, Rupashree Baral


Chulikavit, Kittinoot

Assistant Professor

Maejo University

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Online Service Quality of Tourism Operators in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Author(s): Kittinoot Chulikavit


Crispeels, Thomas

Research Associate

Department of Business (BUSI)

Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Brussels, Belgium

The Development and Commercialization of Personalized Medicine Applications

Author(s): Thomas Crispeels, Ilse Scheerlinck


Dao, Li

Assistant Professor

Aalborg University

Aalborg, Danmark

A Cultural Sensemaking Perspective on International Joint Ventures: Insights from Danish - Vietnamese Cases

Author(s): Li Dao


Eliyana, Anis

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Faculty of Economic  and Business

University of Airlangga

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Team Climate and Individual Attitude as Antecedent

of Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Author(s): Anis Eliyana, Bram Nuranto, Ria Mardiana Yusuf


Francescutti, Louis H.


School of Public Health

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Doctors Working Long Hours and Being Effective at Work Does the Choice of Medical Specialty Matter?

Author(s): Louis H. Francescutti, Kent V. Rondeau


Han, Thaung

Associate Instructor

College of Business Administration

University of Texas at El Paso

El Paso, Texas, USA

Social Capital, Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Flexibility in Transition Economies

Author(s): Thaung Han, Fernando Parra, Joseph O'Connor


Hanafi, Susminingsih

University Islam Indonesia

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Exchange Relationship between Employee and Employer: Beyond Social Exchange Theory

Author(s): Susminingsih Hanafi, Achmad Sobirin


Handayani, Esti

Ph.D. Student

Graduate School

Airlangga University

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Internalization Process of Organization’s Value: Its Impact to the Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement

Author(s): Esti Handayani


Hanoteau, Julien

Associate Professor

Euromed Management

Marseille, France

How do Institutions Affect Entrepreneurship? Indonesian Evidences

Author(s): Julien Hanoteau, Frederic Prevot, Virginie Vial


Hartono, Widjaja

Department of International Business Management

Ciputra University

Surabaya, Indonesia

Indonesia: Entrepreneurship for The Nation, Ciputra Way Case Study

Author(s): Widjaja Hartono


Hongphisanvivat, Somdee

Associate Professor

Department of Marketing

Thammasat Business School

Thammasat University

Bangkok, Thailand

The Opportunities and Marketing Strategies of Functional Drink for Sustainable Growth

Author(s): Somdee Hongphisanvivat, Nirin Navasinlawat


Ilies, Remus


Department of Management and Organisation

Faculty of Business

National University of Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

How Was Your Day? Capitalizing on Positive Work Events by Sharing them with Family

Author(s): Remus Ilies, Jessica Keeney, Chen Goh Wan


Jaw, Yi-Long


National Taiwan University

Taipei, Taiwan

Exploring the Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Family Firms

Author(s): Yi-Long Jaw, Min-Der Hsieh


Jha, Shishir

Associate Professor

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Compulsory Licensing of Medicines: A Public Policy Intervention

Author(s): Shishir Jha, Sheetal Menon


Kang, Hsin-Hong

National Cheng Kung University

Taiwan, Taiwan

Spatial and Temporal Location of Taiwanese Firms within China after Accession to the WTO: The First Stage of Western Development

Author(s): Hsin-Hong Kang, Wen-Hsiang Wang


Kawabata, Yuki

Assistant Professor

International University of Japan

Minami Uonuma-shi, Niigata, Japan

Inter-Organizational Collaboration for Providing Training Program for New Employee: A Case of the Shipbuilding Industry in Japan

Author(s): Yuki Kawabata, Kumiko Nishio


Ko, Hsiu-Chia

Assistant Professor

Chaoyang University of Technology

Taichung, Taiwan

The Impact of Audience Diversity and Information Sensitivity on Facebook Users' Self-Disclosure

Author(s): Hsiu-Chia Ko, Huang-Yu Chi


L.R., Aishwarya

Ph.D. Student

Department of Management Studies

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai, India

Comparing the Competencies of Indian Software Professionals across Generations

Author(s): Aishwarya L.R., Rupashree Baral


Mardiana Yusuf, Ria


Department of Management

Faculty of Economic  and Business

Hasanuddin Universuty

Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Analysis of Performance’s Antecedents: Case Study of Nickel Mining’s Company, Indonesia

Author(s): Ria Mardiana Yusuf, Nurdjannah Hamid, Anis Eliyana, Syamsul Bahri, Antonius Sudarisman


Mayasari, Elisabeth


Sanata Dharma University

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Effect of Trust in Management and Employability on the Commitment to Change

Author(s): Elisabeth Mayasari, Sito Meiyanto


Methe, David T.


Kwansei Gakuin University

Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

Risk and the Interaction of Customer Relations and Finance: Voices of High Technology Entrepreneurs in Japan

Author(s): David T. Methe


Nagy, CharlesSYM

Mekar Entrepreneur Network

Jakarta, Indonesia

Generating Entrepreneurial Activity:  The Challenges of Creating a Sustainable Movement

Author(s): Charles Nagy, Zen Parry, Nord Sovik


Nazrul, Islam

Professor and Dean

School of Business and Social Studies

State University of Bangladesh

Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Job Satisfaction of Private University Faculty Members of Bangladesh

Author(s): Islam Nazrul, Huq Farzana, Atif Anwar Kazi


Nichols, Austin

Assistant Professor

Euromed Management

Marseille, PACA, France

Dominance versus Cooperation:  Does Leadership Experience Affect the Characteristics Valued in Other Leaders?

Author(s): Austin Nichols, Catherine Cottrell


Paoloni, Paola

Faculty of Economics

Università Telematica delle Scienze Umane

Rome, Italy

Corporate Governance in the Italian SMEs: Hypothesis of a Model

Author(s): Paola Paoloni, Fabio Fortuna


Prevot, Frederic

Associate Professor

Euromed Management

Marseille, France

The Effect of Corruption on Foreign Direct Investment Survival in Emerging Economies: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia

Author(s): Frederic Prevot, Virginie Vial


Purnomo, Ratno

Department of Management

Economic Faculty

Jenderal Soedirman University

Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia

Consequences of Justice Climate: Multifoci Approach and Cross-Level Analysis

Author(s): Ratno Purnomo, BM Purwanto, Amin Wibowo, Tarsisius H. Handoko


Quttainah, Majdi

Assistant Professor

College of Business Administration

University of Kuwait

Safat, Kuwait

The Impact of Shari’ah Supervisory Boards and Corporate Boards on Islamic Banks Performance

Author(s): Majdi Quttainah


Rai Utama, I Gusti Bagus


Universitas Dhyana Pura

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Motivation and Satisfaction of Senior Tourist for Travelling Overseas

Author(s): I Gusti Bagus Rai Utama

Ravindran, Bharathi

Ph.D. Student

Department of Management Studies

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Women's Career Exit and Reentry:  A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Bharathi Ravindran, Rupashree Baral


Rini, Tjipto

Ph.D. Student

Airlangga University Surabaya

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The Effect of Organizational Commitment on Responsive Culture and Their Implications on Medical Analysts' Competencies in State-owned and Private Medical Laboratories

Author(s): Tjipto Rini


Rondeau, Kent

Associate Professor

School of Public Health

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Organizational Culture and Performance in Canadian Emergency Departments

Author(s): Kent Rondeau


Stanley, Tracy

U21 global Graduate School

Singapore, Singapore

Is Online Learning an Effective Way to Undertake an MBA?

Author(s): Tracy Stanley


Sudiarta, I Nyoman

Ph.D. Student

Tourism Faculty

Udayana University

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Competitive Positioning : A Strategy  to Marketing Bali as Creative Destination

Author(s): I Nyoman Sudiarta


Swartz, John R.

Associate Dean

Department of Productive Activities

St. George's, Grenada

Sequentially Linked Cases: Increasing Understanding through Case Studies

Author(s): John Swartz, S. Bruce Thomson


Sy, Thomas

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

University of California

Riverside, USA

Influence of Implicit Followership Theories on Follower Performance

Author(s): Thomas Sy


Taji, Noriko


Hosei University

Tokyo, Japan

Resource Acquisition in High-Tech Startup Global Strategies

Author(s): Noriko Taji, Emiko Tsuyuki


Tixier, Daniel


ESSEC  Business School

Cergy Pontoise, France

Comparative Study of Chairs in Management Schools

Author(s): Daniel Tixier


Tutino, Marco

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Studies

Faculty of Economics

Roma Tre University

Roma, Italy

Going Dark in Italy:  Empirical Evidence on Last Decade

Author(s): Marco Tutino, Ida Claudia Panetta, Enrico Laghi


Ulhøi, John P.

Professor and Center Director,

Department of Busines and Social Sciences

The CORE Research Centre

Aarhus, Denmark

Shared Leadership. A Review and Re-synthesis

Author(s): John P. Ulhøi, Sabine Müller


Vial, Virginie

Associate Professor

Euromed Management

Marseille, France

Does Entrepreneurship Improve Well-Being?

Author(s): Virginie Vial, Julien Hanoteau, Frederic Prevot


Zhang, Xiaozheng


Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

The Dynamics of Guanxi in Internationalised Higher Education

Author(s): Xiaozheng Zhang, Alistair Cheyne, John Loan-Clarke


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