Proceedings of the 23rd IAMB Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Winter 2017

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Organizational Studies

   Organizational Behavior

   Organizational Theory


   Conflict Resolution

International Business


   International Law

   International Finance

   Mgt in Multicultural Society

   International Market Entry

   Cross Cultural Management

Strategic Management

   Innovation & Entrepreneurship

   Small - Medium size Firms in Crisis

   Social Issues in Management

   Collaboration and Strategic Alliances

   Supply Chain Management

Management of Social Issues

   Managing Sustainability Issues

   Corporate Social Responsibility

   Social Philanthropy

   Business and Public Policy


Marketing Management

   Advertising, Promotion &
Marketing Communication

   Branding & Positioning

   Consumer Behavior

   Innovation & New Product

   International and Cross-Cultural Marketing

   Public Relation

   Sales and Sales Management

   Marketing Technology

   Modeling and forecasting



   Social Responsibility, Ethics
and Consumer Protection.

   Sports Marketing

   Human Resource Marketing

Technology Management


   Research & Operations

   Production Management

   Cost management


   Global Technology Transfer

Management Studies

   Project Management

   Public Management

   Management of Not For
Profit Organizations

Human Resource Management

   Human Resource Management

   Aggression Management

   Conflict Resolution

   Global and Multicultural Issues

   Strategic HR Management

   Recruiting and Staffing

Education Management

      Education Technology

      Social Issues in Education

      Entrepreneurship in Education

      Education & Training

Project Management

      PM Practices

      PM Tools & Methods

      IT in Project Mgmt.

Finance and Accounting

   Management Issues in Accounting

   Corporate Finance

   Cost Accounting

   Risk Analysis

   Corporate Governance