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 Currency: US Dollar ($); $1 USD = about 0.85 Euro or 0.77 GBP; 1 Euro= $1.18 USD, 1 GBP= $1.29USD
 Electricity:Voltage is 110-120 Volts, 60Hz. North America Grounded.
 Transportation: Primarily metro and bus but also Taxicab. See Ground Transportation at the bottom of the Hotels page.
 Weather: Spring weather. In mid-March the average temperature in San Francisco is 15-18°C (59-65°F).
For last minute weather visit the www.weatherbase.com

Here are some web sites for more information:
Wikipedia-San Francisco, General information.
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Trip Advisor Travel Guide.

Technical and Audio-Visual Support

IAMB has all the amenities required for holding our conference: a spacious conference room equipped with a large projection screen, overhead LCD projection system and enough room to accommodate over 200 participants in a classroom setting. Bring your Power Point presentation on a flash drive (“data stick”). Technical support will be available throughout the day.