Proceedings of the 21st IAMB Conference, Montreal, Canada

Spring 2016

Manuscripts listed alphabetically by first author


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Akhond Zadeh Noughabi, Elham

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A New Framework to Improve the Recruiting Process: Using Data Mining and Multi Criteria-Decision Making Techniques

Author(s): Elham Akhond Zadeh Noughabi, 


Aleman, Elias

School of Business

Stevens Institute of Technology

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

CEO's International Experience and Preference to Hire International Executives

Author(s): Elias Aleman, Ann Murphy


Almeida, Mário


Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil

How to Identify Application and Results of Gamification in Higher Education

Author(s): Mário Almeida, Youssef Youssef


Assadi, Pooria

The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Ethics of Sorting Talent on Wall Street

Author(s): Pooria Assadi, Andrew von Nordenflycht


Assudani, Rasmi

Associate Professor

Williams College of Business

Xavier University

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Women-owned Firms in an International Context

Author(s): Rasmi Assudani, Imane Khayat, Ángeles Muñoz-Fernández


Aten, Kathryn

Associate Professor

Naval Postgraduate School

Monterey, CA, USA

The Generation of Team Resources in a Virtual World: Practices, Culture and Workspace

Author(s): Kathryn Aten, Luciara Nardon


Beaulieu, Julien

Polytechnic Montreal

Montreal, QC, Canada

Prioritization of Industrial Symbiosis Projects using Classification Trees

Author(s): Julien Beaulieu, Jean-Marc Freyret, Ketra Schmitt, Raymond Paquin


Bhayani, Ali

Assistant. Professor

University of Wollongong Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirate, (UAE)

Word of Mouth in Consumers Purchase Decisions: The Moderating Role of Product Type

Author(s): Ali Bhayani


Blasco-López, Mónica del Carmen

Station Expérimentale des Procédés Pilotes en Environnement

École de Technologie Supérieure

Université du Québec

Montreal, QC, Canada

Information Overload in organizations: A New Model to Diagnose

Author(s): Mónica del Carmen Blasco-López, Robert Hausler, Rabindranarth Romero-López, Mathias Glaus


Blom, Tonja

Graduate School of Business Leadership

University of South Africa

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Human Reaction to Change: The Reality and Impact of Stress

Author(s): Tonja Blom, Rica Viljoen


Bonneau, Isabelle


School of Management, ESG

University of Quebec at Montreal, UQAM

Montreal, QC, Canada

Shared Leadership Between Teammates: Who Is Influencing Whom While Doing What?

Author(s): Isabelle Bonneau, Kathleen Bentein, Brian Hobbs


Buck, Christoph

University of Bayreuth

Bayreuth, Germany

Digitization and Value Co-creation: Customer Engagement, Processes, and Competencies

Author(s): Christoph Buck, Tim Kessler


Casal, Jose C.

Martin Tuchman School of Management

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Newark, NJ, USA

The Influence of Isomorphic Pressure on the Language and Content of Codes of Conduct

Author(s): Jose C. Casal, Mark Somers, Dee Birnbaum


Celli, Massimiliano

Assistant Professor

Department of Management and Law

Roma TRE University

Rome, Italy

The Accounting of Swing Contracts for the Sale/Purchase of Commodities

Author(s): Massimiliano Celli


Cheikh-Ammar, Mustapha

Ivey Business School

London, ON, Canada

Resistance in IS Projects: A Project Manager's Sounding Board

Author(s): Mustapha Cheikh-Ammar, Simon Bourdeau


Cherchem, Mohamad

Professor & Director

Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management

Laboratory LAMEOR

University of Oran

Oran, Ouahran, Algeria

Mimicry and Imitation Marketing in Services: The Case of the Banks and Insurance

Author(s): Mohamad Cherchem, Sara Berached, Mustefa Bouaite


Correa da Cunha, Henrique

Department of PPGAD

FURB University of Blumenau

Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

OFDI Determinants for Latin American Countries: A TOPSIS Analysis

Author(s): Henrique Correa da Cunha, Nelson Hein, Mohamed Amal

Correa da Cunha, Henrique

FURB University of Blumenau

Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Institutional Distances and the Performance of Multinational Subsidiaries in Brazil

Author(s): Henrique Correa da Cunha, Mohamed Amal, Marianne Hoeltgebaum, William Newburry


Cortat Melo, Mariane

Ph.D. Student

Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting

University of Brasilia

Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil

Adherence to Change: An Empirical Study in Brazilian Federal Agency

Author(s): Mariane Cortat Melo, Francisco Coelho Jr.


Cromwell, Heather J.

Ph.D. Student

University of Phoenix

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Grand Challenge:  Preparing the 21st Century Organization for the Aging Workforce

Author(s): Heather J. Cromwell, Natalie DuMont


Danyali, Mojgan

Ph.D. Student

Concordia University

Montreal, QC, Canada

Carbon-dioxide (CO2) Reduction in an Industrial Symbiosis Network: Exploring Strategic Project Selection

Author(s): Mojgan Danyali, Ketra Schmitt, Raymond Paquin


Dhungel, Chandra

CG Institute of Management

Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Human Recourse Development progarmmes in Agriculture Development Bank Limited

Author(s): Chandra Dhungel


Dima, Justine

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Business Administration

Laval University

Quebec, QC, Canada

Factors Determining the Effectiveness of an Executive Coach: A Systematic Review of the Literature from 2000 to 2015

Author(s): Justine Dima, Marie-Helene Gilbert

Dixon, Pamela

Assistant Professor

Dahl School of Business

Viterbo University

La Crosse, WI, USA

Creating Awareness of the Role of Personal Epistemology in Managerial Decision Making

Author(s): Pamela Dixon, Jennifer Anderson-Meger


Dolarslan, Emre Sahin

Associated Professor

Karatekin University

Cankiri, Turkey

Bats are blind?': Cognitive Biases in Risk Perception of Entrepreneurs

Author(s): Emre Sahin Dolarslan, Akin Kocak, Alper Ozer


Dool, Richard

Director - Graduate Studies & Communication

College of Arts & Science

Seton Hall University

South Orange, NJ, USA

The Development of Unified Corporate Social Responsibility: Effective Brand Communication

Author(s): Richard Dool, Angela Yee


Dool, Richard

Director - Graduate Studies & Communication

College of Arts & Science

Seton Hall University

South Orange, NJ, USA

LeaderocityTM: Communicating at the Speed of Now: Three Modalities

Author(s): Richard Dool


Du Plessis, Yvonne


North-West University

Mafikeng, North-West Province, South Africa

Stress and Emotional Labor Experienced by Construction Project Managers in South Africa

Author(s): Yvonne Du Plessis, John Malan


Dufour, Marie-Eve

Associate professor

Faculty of Business Administration

Laval University

Quebec, QC, Canada

Satisfaction and Bridge Employment: The Role of the Financial Situation and Health

Author(s): Marie-Eve Dufour, Tania Saba


Fogaça, Natasha

Ph.D. Student

Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting

University of Brasilia

Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil

Job Performance: Scenario of the Scientific Production between 2011 to 2015

Author(s): Natasha Fogaça, Mariana Carolina Barbosa Rego, Ladilucy Pereira Armond, Juliana Moro Bueno Mendonça


Forsyth, Juan Alberto

Ph.D. Student

Department of Strategic Management

Universidad del Pacifico

Jesus Maria, Lima, Peru

The Implied Equity Premium: A two Stage Approach

Author(s): Juan Alberto Forsyth, Bertha Arroyo Mansour


Franco, Elisabeth A.


HEC Montréal

Montréal, QC, Canada

Corporate Governance and Ethics within Financial Institutions: Coping with a Major Fault Line of the Current Economy

Author(s): Elisabeth A. Franco, Bernard S. Desgagne


Garnjost, Petra

Saar Business School

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (Saarland University of Applied Sciences)

Saarbrücken, Germany

Undergraduates' Satisfaction and Perceptions of Learning Outcomes by Teaching Pedagogy

Author(s): Petra Garnjost, Leanna Lawter


Garrido-Morgado, Álvaro

Assistant Professor

Department of Administration and  Economics

Faculty of Economics and Business

Universidad de Salamanca

Salamanca, Castilla and León, Spain

Effectiveness of Commercial Stimuli Depending on Quality Dimensions

Author(s): Álvaro Garrido-Morgado, Óscar González-Benito, Mercedes Martos-Partal


Gélinas, Jocelyne


Department of Economic and Administration Sciences

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Chicoutimi, Canada

Integration of the Project Management and Traditional Departmental Structures: Identification of Managerial Best Practices

Author(s): Jocelyne Gélinas 


Gélinas, Jocelyne


Department of Department of Economic and Administration Sciences

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Chicoutimi, Canada

Diagnosing Project Management Organizational Integration:  An Instrument Based on Activities Integration Problems

Author(s): Jocelyne Gélinas


Goyette, Sylvain


Faculty of Business Administration

Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM

Montreal, QC, Canada

Enterprise Resource Planning Evolution Process: A Portfolio Management Approach

Author(s): Sylvain Goyette, Luc Cassivi, Sylviane Glaude


Guo, Ruiling

Associate Professor

Health Care Administration Program

Kasiska School of Health Professions

Idaho State University

Pocatello, ID, USA

Assessment of Evidence-based Management Training Program: Application of a Logic Model

Author(s): Ruiling Guo, Tracy J. Farnsworth, Patrick M. Hermanson


Guo, Ruiling

Associate Professor

Health Care Administration Program

Kasiska School of Health Professions

Idaho State University

Pocatello, ID, USA

Structural Equation Modeling and the Theory of Planned Behavior in Evidence-based Management

Author(s): Ruiling Guo, Steven D. Berkshire, Lawrence V. Fulton, Patrick M. Hermanson


Han, Xue

Department of Management and Technology

University of Quebec at Montreal

Montreal, QC, Canada

The Demanding Path of the Solar Technology Entrepreneur

Author(s): Xue Han, Jorge Niosi


Herkenhoff, Linda


Academic Director TransGlobal MBA

Graduate Business Programs

School of Economics and Business

Saint Mary’s College

Moraga, CA, USA

Correlation Study of MBA Social Responsibility Projects and Employee Understanding of CSR

Author(s): Linda Herkenhoff


Hongtao, Yang


School of Economics and Management

Harbin Engineering University

Harbin, China

Structure of VC-E Trust Based on the "GuanXi" Culture in China

Author(s): Yang Hongtao, Li Haiyan, Yu Li


Hongtao, Yang


School of Economics and Management

Harbin Engineering University

Harbin, China

Trust Cognition and Behavior of Consumers Based on the 'GuanXi' Culture in China

Author(s): Yang Hongtao, Yu Li, Li Haiyan


Huang, Wen-chun

Ph.D. Student

National Taiwan Normal University

Taipei, Taiwan

The Teamwork Effect in the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Preliminary Analysis

Author(s): Wen-chun Huang, Chu-Chen Yeh


Huang, Rui

Department of Decision & Information Sciences

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Dartmouth, MA, USA

Designing Governance Systems for Management Innovations

Author(s): Rui Huang, Robert Zmud, Robert Zmud


Jackson, Nicole

Assistant Professor

Department of Management

University of Connecticut

Stamford, CT, USA

The Role of Culture and Modes of Learning in Ambidexterity-Building

Author(s): Nicole Jackson, Isabelle Lescent-Giles


Jang, Chyng-yang

Associate Professor

University of Texas at Arlington

Arlington, TX, USA

Small Businesses' Uses of Facebook

Author(s): Chyng-yang Jang, 


Kalia, Tejendra (Tej)

Associate Professor

Department of Business Administration/Economics

Worcester State University

Worcester, MA, USA

Practical and Pedagogical Applications of a Modified Accounting Equation

Author(s): Tejendra (Tej) Kalia


Karsaklian, Eliane


LARGEPA-Sorbonne (Panthéon-Assas Research Laboratory of Management Science)

Paris, France

Negotiating with the Chinese: Paradox and Invisibility Management

Author(s): Eliane Karsaklian


Karsaklian, Eliane


LARGEPA-Sorbonne (Panthéon-Assas Research Laboratory of Management Science)

Paris, France

Negotiating with the Chinese and the Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox: The Collapse/Superposition Contradictory Paradigms

Author(s): Eliane Karsaklian


Kasule, Ronald

School of Management and Entrepreneurship

Kyambogo University

Kampala, Uganda

The Emergence of Social Entrepreneurs in the Informal Sector: Case Study of Paper Bead making Business in Kampala

Author(s): Ronald Kasule, Emmanuel Okechukwu Dike


Labelle, Alexandre

Ph.D. Student

Mathematics and Industrial Engineering

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Gatineau, QC, Canada

Agent-Based Simulation of Post-Consumer Glass Recycling

Author(s): Alexandre Labelle, Jean-Marc Freyret


Labrecque, JoAnne

Associate Professor

Department of Marketing

HEC Montréal

Montreal, QC, Canada

Omnichannel Retailing: Managers Interpretation of the New Strategy

Author(s): JoAnne Labrecque, Thomas Lalonde


Lavoie-Tremblay, Melanie

Associate Professor

Ingram School of Nursing

McGill University

Montreal, QC, Canada

A Health Care Project Management Office’s Strategies for Continual Change and Continuous Improvement

Author(s): Melanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Marie-Claire Richer, Cyr Guylaine


Madaan, Jitender

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Studies

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

New Delhi, Delhi, India

DIS Models for Improving Product Recovery Process:  A Proposed Flexible Return Management Model

Author(s): Jitender Madaan, Parikshit Charan


Majeed , Shahid


Graduate Student Development Office

UNSW Business School

Sidney, NSW, Australia

International Leadership Development Program (I-LEAD)

Author(s): Shahid Majeed


Malik, Sehrish

Ph.D. Student

Management Studies

FAST School of Management

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

Islamabad, Federal, Pakistan

Lower Female Representation at Top Positions: A Study in Telecom Sector

Author(s): Sehrish Malik, Arooj Aamir


Marcillo-Gomez, Marilu

Assistant Professor

School of Business

Saint Peter's University

Jersey City, NJ, USA

The impact of Employee Treatment on Employee Satisfaction in a Communications Technology Organization

Author(s): Marilu Marcillo-Gomez


Mather, Barbara

Associate Faculty

School of Advances Studies

Univeristy of Phoenix

Tempe, AZ, USA

Making Organizations Meaningful to Young Adults with ADHD: Qualitative, Descriptive Research Design

Author(s): Barbara Mather


Mayuto, Radjabu

Ph.D. Student

Faculty of Business administration

Université Laval

Québec, QC, Canada

Motivations and Performance Conditions for Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Author(s): Radjabu Mayuto, E. G. Karuranga


Merkouche, Wassila

Ph.D. Student

École des Relations Industrielles, School of Industrial Relationships

Université de Montréal

Montréal, QC, Canada

The Determinants of Organizational Withdrawal Behaviors

Author(s): Wassila Merkouche, Alain Marchand, Stéphane Renaud


Methé, David T.


Institute of Business and Accounting

Kwansei Gakuin University

Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Japanese High Technology Start-ups: A Question of Effectuation?

Author(s): David T. Methé


Naz, Farah


Department of Humanities and Sciences

FAST-National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences

Islamabad, Capital, Pakistan

Social Media Use, Narcissism and the Role of Positive Self-Views and Religiosity

Author(s): Farah Naz, Zain Iqbal


Nazem, Fattah

Associate Professor

Department of Education

Islamic Azad University, Roudehen Branch

Tehran, Iran

Validation of a Scale for Measuring Entrepreneurship of University Students

Author(s): Fattah Nazem 


Nsien, Christiana Benjamin

Ph.D. Student

University Of Uyo

Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria

Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover in Banks in Uyo: A Preliminary Survey

Author(s): Christiana Benjamin Nsien

Paiva, Amanda

Ph.D. Student

Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting

University of Brasilia (UnB)

Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil

Lead-Lag Analysis of BM&F Bovespa Future and Spot Markets

Author(s): Amanda Paiva


Pearson, Christine


Thunderbird School Global Management

Arizona State University

Glendale, AZ, USA

Leadership During Trans-Boundary Crisis Management: The Challenges of Cultural Variance

Author(s): Christine Pearson, Amy Sommer


Pensabene, Paul


Berkeley College

Holbrook, NY, USA

Egalitarian Leadership as an Optimized for the Present

Author(s): Paul Pensabene


Pepe, Megan

Concordia University

Montreal, QC, Canada

Power Imbalance in Exchange Relationships: The Effects of Exploitation, Tie Strength and Centrality on Performance

Author(s): Megan Pepe


Petit, Yvan


School of Management, ESG

University of Quebec at Montreal, UQAM

Montreal, QC, Canada

Scaling Agility

Author(s): Yvan Petit, Brian Hobbs


Prajogo, Daniel

Associate Professor

Monash University

Caulfield East, Victoria, Australia

The Role of Human Capital and Market Orientation as Determinants of Service Innovation

Author(s): Daniel Prajogo


Rhaiem, Mehdi

Ph.D. Student

Department of Management

Laval University

Québec, QC, Canada

Measurement and Determinants of Academic Research Efficiency: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

Author(s): Mehdi Rhaiem


Rondeau, Kent

Associate Professor

School of Public Health

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Strategic Goal Orientation and Workplace Change and Development: Evidence from Canadian Nursing Homes

Author(s): Kent Rondeau


Rufer, Lisa

Ph.D. Student

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA, USA

Sustaining a Fan Base through Social Media

Author(s): Lisa Rufer, Rosalyn Rufer


Schattke, Kaspar

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM

Montreal, QC, Canada

Millennial’s Perception of Greenwashing after Exposure to Corporate and Societal Websites about the Energy East Pipeline

Author(s): Juliana Mendonça, Kaspar Schattke, Michele Paulin, Michele Paulin, Ronald Ferguson, Catherine Alarie


Scully, Robert E.

Professor of Organizational Behavior

Barry University (PACE)

Miami Shores, FL, USA

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: The Potential Conflict of Budget Rigidity

Author(s): Robert E. Scully, Barry Brock, Álvaro, Jr Carreras, Edward Scott


Sharda, Kirti

Assistant Professor

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Making of A Good Soldier: Sensemaking Efforts in Armed Conflict

Author(s): Kirti Sharda


Silva, Nicemara

Faculty of Business and Management

Federal University of Uberlândia

Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Phenomenon of Triple Jeopardy in the Narrative of Black Women

Author(s): Nicemara Silva, Cíntia Medeiros


Simard, Magali

Associate Professor

School of Management, ESG

University of Quebec at Montreal, UQAM

Montreal, QC, Canada

Absurd Decisions in and around Projects: A Case Study

Author(s): Magali Simard, Danielle Laberge


Souffrant, Eddy

Associate professor

Department of Philosophy

University of North Caroline Charlotte

Charlotte, NC, USA

The Case for Business Ethics:  Ethics and Capitalism

Author(s): Eddy Souffrant


Tepe Kucukoglu, Mubeyyen


Department of International Trade

Keşan Yusuf Çapraz College of Applied Science

Trakya University

Edirne, Turkey

Evaluation of Psychological Empowerment, Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance in Turkey's Universities

Author(s): Mubeyyen Tepe Kucukoglu, Muhammed Parlak, Yusuf Yildirim


Wagar, Terry H.


School of Management

St. Mary's University

Halifax, NS, Canada

Perceived Workplace Human Capital Accumulation and Job-related Training:Which Employee Training Programs are Best?

Author(s): Terry H. Wagar, Kent V. Rondeau


Wagner, David

Assistant Professor

German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS)

Heilbronn, Germany

Exploring the Strategic Impact of Online Communities: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective

Author(s): David Wagner, Matthias Wenzel, Heinz-Theo Wagner, Jochen Koch


Walia, Pardeep Singh


Department of Commerce

P.G. Govt. College for Girls, Sec-11

Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India

Workers’ Participation in Management: Reforms and Legislation

Author(s): Pardeep Singh Walia


Wang, Yunmei

Assistant Professor

Case Reserve University

Cleveland, OH, USA

Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Academic-Practitioner Collaboration in Medicine

Author(s): Yunmei Wang, Philip Cola


Wu, Yuanyuan

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Business Administration

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Middle-Level Managers and New Capability Development: A Corporate Entrepreneurship Framework

Author(s): Yuanyuan Wu


Yamazaki, Yoshitaka

Faculty of Business Administration

Bunkyo University

Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

How Managers Differ from Nonmanagers in Indonesia: Learning Style, Skills, and self-confidence Approaches

Author(s): Yoshitaka Yamazaki, Andreas Putranto


Yelle, Martin

Defence Scientist

National Defence

Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Developing a Canadian Armed Forces Integrated Institutional Leadership Model: A Behavioural Perspective

Author(s): Martin Yelle


Zeng, Tian

Department of School of Management, ESG

University of Quebec at Montreal, UQAM

Montreal, QC, Canada

Impact of Perceptions of Eco-Packaging on Purchases of Eco-Packaged Goods

Author(s): Tian Zeng, Fabien Durif, Myriam Ertz


Zhang, Lu

Associate Professor

School of Engineering and Computing

National University

San Diego, CA, USA

Aligning Human Resource Management with Strategies -  A Real-world Case Study

Author(s): Lu Zhang



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