Proceedings of the 18th IAMB Conference, Rome, Italy

Summer 2014

Manuscripts listed alphabetically by first author



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Abakumov, Evgeny

Head of Division

Department of Information Technology

All Russia Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA)

Moscow, Russia

Evolution of Enterprise Information System for Industrial Enterprise in Russia

Author(s): Evgeny Abakumov, Ilia Zheleznov


Agyei-Boapeah, Henry

Senior Lecturer

Liverpool Business School

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Does Corporate Diversification Influence the Investment Constraint Faced by Overleveraged Acquiring Firms?

Author(s): Henry Agyei-Boapeah, Ali Ataullah


Alhaqbani, Abdullah

Operations and Systems Management Department

University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

The Impact of the Relationship between Public Organisations and their Commitment toward Service Improvement

Author(s): Abdullah Alhaqbani


Argueta, Jesus


Faculty of Economics and Social Science

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH)

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras

Are STEM Programs Triggering Competitiveness? An Exploratory Approach towards an Effective Talent Procurement

Author(s): Jesus Argueta, Taria Andino, Norma Argueta


Argueta, Jesus


Faculty of Economics and Social Science

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH)

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras

A Risk Management approach around Latin American Entrepreneurship

Author(s): Jesus Argueta, Norma Argueta


Bace, Edward

Associate Professor

Middlesex University

London, United Kingdom

Corporate Governance and Equity Performance in Financial Services: Recent Evidence of UK Financial Institutions

Author(s): Edward Bace


Ben David, Nissim


Emek Yezreel Academic College

Emek yezreel, Israel

Does Beta Define Real Stocks' Risk?

Author(s): Nissim Ben David, Evyatar Ben David


Benavides-Chicón, Carlos

Department of Applied Economics

Universidad de Malaga

Malaga, Spain

The Impact of Quality Management on Productivity in the Hospitality Sector

Author(s): Carlos Benavides-Chicón, Bienvenido Ortega


Benavides-Velasco, Carlos A.

Assistant Professor

School of Economics and Business

University of Malaga

Malaga, Spain

Corporate social responsibility and total quality management as an antecedent of hotel performance

Author(s): Carlos A. Benavides-Velasco, Cristina Quintana-García, Macarena Lara


Bergeron, Francois


Universite du Quebec

Quebec, Quebec, Canada

IT Governance in SMEs: Theories versus Realities

Author(s): Francois Bergeron, Louis Raymond, Anne-Marie Croteau, Sylvestre Uwuzeyemungu


Bernardi, Cristiana

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Business Studies

Roma TRE University

Rome, Italy

Integrated Reporting: Is It Useful for Socially Responsible Investors?

Author(s): Cristiana Bernardi, Paola Demartini, Mauro Paoloni


Brees, Jeremy

Assistant Professor

Department of Management

University of Scranton

Scranton, PA, USA

Accountability Acceptance

Author(s): Jeremy Brees


Brinkman, John


Business School

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Full-range Leadership and Motivation: A Franchising Perspective

Author(s): John Brinkman, Raj Patel


Castiglioni, Marco

University of Seville

Seville, Spain

Internationalization in the Aeronautic Industry: An Exploratory Case

Author(s): Marco Castiglioni, Ignacio Castro, José Luis Galán


Celli, Massimiliano

Assistant Professor

Roma TRE University

Rome, Italy

The legitimateness of minority discount for lack of control in share transactions

Author(s): Massimiliano Celli


Centi, M

Department of Business Studies

Roma Tre University

Roma, Italy

Valuation Ratio and Intangible Information in Financial Statement Measured by A Multi-Stakeholder Approach: A Possible Formula to Evaluate their Correlation

Author(s): M. Centi, Sabrina Pucci, Roberta Luly


Cesaroni, Francesca Maria

Associate Professor

Department of Economics, Society, Politics

University of Urbino

Urbino, PU, Italy

Implementing a Lean Accounting System in a Lean Enterprise

Author(s): Francesca M. Cesaroni, Annalisa Sentuti


Chevalier, Françoise

Department of Management and Human Ressources

HEC Paris

Paris, France

Is corporate Nationality still a Relevant Concept?

Author(s): Françoise Chevalier


Chevalier, Françoise

Department of Management and Human Ressources

HEC Paris

Paris, France

Family Business: The Organizational Identity in Question

Author(s): Françoise Chevalier, Julia Vincent-Ponroy


Ciambotti, Massimo


University of Urbino

Urbino, PU, Italy

The Investments in the Social Capital by SMEs

Author(s): Massimo Ciambotti, Federica Palazzi


Collins, Ayse

Associate Professor

Bilkent University

Ankara, Turkey

Do you want to be an ERASMUS Student? Dilemmas and Problems

Author(s): Ayse Collins


Coulombe, Caroline


University of Quebec in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Measuring the Various Ethical Frameworks in Organizations

Author(s): Caroline Coulombe


D'Alessio, Lidia


Department of Business Studies

Roma Tre University

Rome, Italy

Joint Arrangements: What's new under IFRS 11?

Author(s): Lidia D'Alessio, Umberto Francese


De Sousa, Marina


Universidade Federal Fluminense

Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Banco Capivari and the Social Currency: Local Development with Solidarity Economy

Author(s): Marina De Sousa, Ludmila Antunes, Bruno Ferreira, Rayane Alfradique, Sérgio Nogueira


Del Corso, Jansen Maia


Curitiba, Brazil

Implementation and Execution of Corporate Strategy: A Study of the Expansion of the Customer Base in Corporate Banking Branches

Author(s): Jansen Maia Del Corso, Sérgio Luiz Loução, Wesley Vieira da Silva, Daniel Ferreira dos Santos


Donnelly, Christina


Northern Kentucky University

Highland Heights, KY, USA

Virtual International Teams in Marketing and Management Classes: An Alternative to Study Abroad

Author(s): Christina Donnelly, David Raska, Bertie Greer, Denise Luethge, Gil Robinson


Ejaz, Aqsa

IAE, Aix Marseille Universita

Aix-en-Provence, France

Sketching a Relationship between Work Values, Upward Influence Behavior and Need Satisfaction

Author(s): Aqsa Ejaz, Delphine Lacaze


Elsaid, Abdel Moneim

Associate Professor

Ain Shams University

Cairo, Egypt

The Effects of Perceived Organizational Justice on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Animal Health Care Pharmaceutical Organizations Operating in Egypt

Author(s): Abdel Moneim Elsaid


Elsaid, Abdel Moneim

Associate Professor

Ain Shams University

Cairo, Egypt

The Effects of Technological Advancements on Team Performance in Egyptian Culture

Author(s): Abdel Moneim Elsaid


Emirza, Emin

Assistant  Professor

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Melikşah University

Kayseri, Talas, Turkey

The Organizational Values and Its Effects on Customer Orientation: A Study on the Furniture Industry

Author(s): Emin Emirza, Sema Babayiğit, Elif Ergut


Fath, Ben

Assistant Professor

University of Auckland


New Zealand

Growth Opportunity Development in High-Tech Entrepreneurs: Business Objectives, Human Resources Orientation and Competitive Advantage

Author(s): Ben Fath, Antje Fiedler, Glenn Simmons, Hugh Whittaker, Philippe Byosiere


Fogaça, Natasha

Ph.D. Student

Department of Economics, Administration and Accounting

University of Brasília

Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil

Is "Happy Worker" More Productive?

Author(s): Natasha Fogaça, Francisco Antônio Coelho Junior


Fratocchi, Luciano

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial and Information Engineering & Economics

University of L’Aquila

L’Aquila, Italy

Manufacturing Back- and Near-reshoring: A Comparison among EU and North American Evidence

Author(s): Luciano Fratocchi, Alessandro Ancarani, Paolo Barbieri, Carmela Di Mauro, Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor, Alessio Troiano, Matteo Vignoli, Andrea Zanoni


Freitas, Kleison


Department of Business Administration

FANOR/DeVry Brasil

Analysis of “Best Age” Clients’ Fidelity and Loyalty Behaviors to Available Products and Services

Author(s): Kleison Freitas, Norton Gonzalez, Antonio Marcos, Francisco Erismax, Liliane Menezes, Luciana Cavalcante, Luis Fernando, 


Ganvir, Manish

Ph.D. Student

Department of Strategic Management

Indian Institute of Management

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Post-Entry (Level of) Internationalization among Indian Born Globals:

An Empirical Investigation on impact of Business Group Affiliation

Author(s): Manish Ganvir, Neeraj Dwivedi


Gilbert, Christine

University of Maine Honors College

University of Maine

Orono, Maine, USA

Sustainability Discourse and An Inconvenient Truth

Author(s): Christine Gilbert, Mark Haggerty, Stephanie A. Welcomer


Glowik, Mario


Department of Business and Economics

Berlin School of Economics and Law

Berlin, Germany

Market Entry Cluster of East Asian firms in Europe

Author(s): Mario Glowik


Grandis, Fabio Giulio

Associate Professor

Department of Business Studies

Roma Tre University

Rome, Italy

The valuation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Author(s): Fabio Giulio Grandis, Federica Palazzi


Gurel, Eda

Assistant Professor

Bilkent University

Ankara, Turkey

Effects of Higher Education on Entrepreneurial Traits and Intentions: A Longitudinal Study

Author(s): Eda Gurel, Zeliha Ilhan Ertuna


James, Raynold

Assistant Professor

College of Business

Zayed University

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Transferring the Toyota Production System into Australia: Seeking Contextual Congruence

Author(s): Raynold James


Katti, Supriya


Indian Institute of Technology, IIT

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

The Effect of Business Group Affiliation and Diversification on the Pricing of New Equity Issues

Author(s): Supriya Katti, B.V. Phani


Katz-Navon, Tal

Arison School of Business

Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya

Herzliya, Israel

Employee Engagement, Organizational Culture and Healthcare Outcomes

Author(s): Tal Katz-Navon, Peter Rivard


Kutcher, Eugene J.

Associate Professor

Rider University

Lawrenceville, NJ, USA

Stereotype Threat in Pre-Employment Testing: Interviewed and Activated?

Author(s): Eugene J. Kutcher, Jennifer D. Bragger, John D. Donovan


Liu, Sibei

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Cash Dividend Policy and Ownership Structure in Chinaï: Case Analysis for Four Banks

Author(s): Sibei Liu


Lizote, Suzete A.


Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, Univali

Itajai, Brazil

Student Satisfaction with Accounting Sciences Courses: A Study in Brazilian Universities

Author(s): Suzete A. Lizote, Miguel Verdinelli, Jeferson Lana, Maria A. Rocha Escobar


Lizote, Suzete A.


Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, Univali

Itajai, Brazil

Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Competencies in the Teaching of University Students: A Comparative Study between Students and Entrepreneurs

Author(s): Suzete A. Lizote, Miguel Verdinelli, Jeferson Lana


Martini, Silvio Bianchi


Department of Economics

University of Foggia

Rome, Italy

Private Equity, Earnings Management and Financial Disclosure: The Case of Venture-backed Firms in Italy

Author(s): Silvio Bianchi Martini, Antonio Corvino, Federica Doni, Alessandra Rigolini


Martocchio, Joseph


School of Labor and Employment Relations

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Employee Compensation Challenges in the United States

Author(s): Joseph Martocchio


Mehaffey-Kultgen, Candace

Assistant Professor

A'Sharqiyah University

Ibra, Oman

Theory versus Creativity in Design Paradigms: Global Smarts

Author(s): Candace Mehaffey-Kultgen


Mingaleva, Zhanna


Perm National Research Polytechnic University

Perm, Russia

Eco-product Innovation in the Energy Sector

Author(s): Zhanna Mingaleva


Naseer, Saima


Faculty of Management Sciences

International Islamic University

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Interplay between LMX & Abusive Supervision: A Triggered Displaced Aggression perspective

Author(s): Saima Naseer, Fauzia Syed, Mohammad Bashir Khan


Ng, Peggy


School of Administrative Studies

York University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Do Technology-Based Partners Share Resources, Costs and Risks In Emerging Markets?

Author(s): Peggy Ng, Lee Li


Nishino, Kazumi

Associate Professor

Tokyo University of Science

Tokyo, Japan

Function of the Customer Interface:  Business model to produce a flow of information and feeling

Author(s): Kazumi Nishino


Oneto, Ana Alice

Faculty of Business Administration

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Effects of Trust and its Antecedents on Online Tourism Consumption

Author(s): Ana Alice Oneto, Jorge B. Ferreira, Cristiane J. Giovannini, Fernanda L. Ramos


Ozdevecioglu, Mahmut


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science

Melikşah University

Kayseri, Turkey

The Mediating Role of Psychological Ownership on the Relationship between Abusive Supervision and Employee Performance

Author(s): Mahmut Ozdevecioglu, Onur Ünlü, Tuğba Dedeoğluc


Ozdevecioglu, Mahmut


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science

Melikşah University

Kayseri, Turkey

The Relationship Between Personality and Psychological Ownership at Work

Author(s): Mahmut Ozdevecioglu, C. Aydemir, B. Balcıoglu, Sema Babayiğit


Ozer, Ozgur

Konya Necmettin Erbakan University

Konya, Turkey

The Effect of Corporate Entrepreneurship on Firm Performance: An Investigation in Turkish Hotel Industry

Author(s): Ozgur Ozer, Umut Avci, Burcu Selin Yilmaz


Ozkuzey, Pelin


Okan University

Istanbul, Turkey

Management & Communication

Author(s): Pelin Ozkuzey


Paolone, Francesco

University of Teramo

Rome, Italy

Earnings Manipulation among the Main Industrial Sectors: Evidence from Italy

Author(s): Francesco Paolone, Cosimo Magazzino


Paoloni, Paola

Associate Professor

Unicusano University

Rome, Italy

What about Entrepreneurial Capital?

Author(s): Paola Paoloni, Paola Demartini


Pezzi, Alberto

Associate Professor

Department of Business Studies

Roma TRE Univesity

Roma, Italy

Non Deceptive Counterfeiting: Motives and Modalities

Author(s): Alberto Pezzi, Francesca Faggioni


Rana, Fawad Asif

Faculty of Management Sciences

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology

Islamabad, Pakistan

Does Training Makes a Difference: The impact of Perceived Training Effectiveness and Training Transfer on Employee Effectiveness in banking Sector

Author(s): Fawad Asif Rana, Sana Sadiq, Uzma Javed


Rickards, Robert C.


Munich Business School

München, Germany

Forward Visibility and Management-Accounting-Based Controlling: Current Practices in China Compared With Central Europe

Author(s): Robert C. Rickards, Jing Kong, Rolf Ritsert


Eleonora Russo

Department of Business Studies

Roma TRE University

Rome, Italy

Earnings Management: A Literature Review

Author(s):Eleonora Russo, Marco Tutino


Sajit Debnath

Ritsumeikan University

Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan

Was Fukushima Accident an Organizational Failure for TEPCO or an Unavoidable Natural Disaster?

Author(s): Sajit Debnath, Kuhara Masaharu


Samuel, Yitzhak

Vice President & Head

School of Management

Western Galileee College

Acre, Israel

Organizational Adaptation to Environmental Conditions: Coping with External Pressures

Author(s): Yitzhak Samuel, Zvi Winer


Schjoedt, Leon

Associate Professor

Indiana University South Bend

South Bend, Indiana, USA

Room for Improvement: An Examination of the Use of Control Variables

Author(s): Leon Schjoedt, Krittaya Sangboon


Schwartz, Mark

Associate Professor

York University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ethical Decision-Making Theory: Gaps and Deficiencies

Author(s): Mark Schwartz


Shanks, Beth

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Exploring the Commitment of Temporary Agency Workers

Author(s): Xiaozheng Zhang


Shi, Bing


Faculty of Business

London South Bank University

London, United Kingdom

Influence of Household Registration upon Job Insecurity and Work Commitment in Chinese SOEs

Author(s): Bing Shi


Soares, Maria Eduarda


Technical University of Lisbon


Lisboa, Portugal

Auto-stereotypes of Portuguese and Dutch Managers

Author(s): Maria Eduarda Soares


Szczepańska, Joanna


Institute of Finance

The University of Applied Sciences

Nysa, Woj. Opole, Poland

An Innovative Approach to Examine Investment Project Profitability

Author(s): Joanna Szczepańska


Topal, Çagri

Middle East Technical University

Ankara, Turkey

Organizational Risk: A Multidimensional Perspective

Author(s): Çagri Topal, Robert Gephart


Valeri , Marco

Research Fellow

Faculty of Economics

University of  Rome “Niccolò Cusano”

Rome, Italy

Destination Governance and Competitive Advantage of the Tourist Destination

Author(s): Marco Valeri, Paola Paoloni, Fabio Giulio Fortuna


Verdinelli, Miguel


Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, Univali

Itajai, Brazil

Relationship between Personal Finance and Characteristics of Accounting University Students

Author(s): Miguel Verdinelli, Suzete A. Lizote, Jeferson Lana


Weidmann, Jean


Department of

University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Collective Staff Performance Management: Benefits, Drawbacks and Conditions

Author(s): Jean Weidmann, Francois Gonin, Mario Konishi


Welcomer, Stephanie A.

Associate Professor

University of Maine

Orono, Maine, USA

Helping Students Reflect and Transform: Studying Fair Trade Coffee in Nicaragua

Author(s): Stephanie A. Welcomer, Bigney Sarah, Mark Haggerty


Winsett, Cary


Tarleton State University

Stephenville, TX, USA

Muscularity in Selection Decisions: Too Much of a good thing?

Author(s): Cary Winsett, Drake Mullens


Woehr, David

Professor and Chair

Department of Management

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Do You Still Want to Work Together? The Role of Task Competence and Interpersonal Affect in Predicting Peer Ratings

Author(s): David Woehr, Andrew Loignon, Jane Thomas, Misty Loughry


Woo, Victoria

Ph.D. Student

Department of Management

Case Western Reserve

Mill Valley, CA, USA

Thriving in Transition through the Lens of Transformation Quotient: Navigational Competence of Mobile Executives in Changing Times

Author(s): Victoria Woo, Dick Boland, Jr, Ron Fry, Kalle Lyytinen


Yang, Szu-Chi Tina

National Sun-Yat Sen University

Kaoshiung City, Taiwan

The Change of Firms’ Capital Structure Decisions in their Behaviours during the Financial Crisis

Author(s): Szu-Chi Tina Yang


Yüksel, Müberra

Assistant Professor

Department of International Trade and Logistics

School of Applied Studies

Kadir Has University

Istanbul, Turkey

Evaluating the Competencies of Key Employees through Talent Management: A Comparative Study

Author(s): Müberra Yüksel


Zagenczyk, Thomas

Department of Management

Clemson University

Clemson, SC, USA

Cultural Values and Psychological Contracts

Author(s): Thomas Zagenczyk, Kevin S. Cruz, Janelle Cheung, Kristin L. Scott, Bret Galloway


Zukowska, Joanna

Associate Professor

Warszawa, Poland

Impact of Trainings and other Forms Raising Employee Competence- Comparative Research over the Years

Author(s): Joanna Zukowska



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