Advisory Board Members


Albadvi, Amir                             [Iran]

Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman A.         [Saudi Arabia]

Atkins, Stephen                        [New Zealand]

Baalbaki, Imad B.                     [Lebanon]

Blasco, Francis                        [Spain]

Borowicz, Sharon                    [USA]

Caudill, Helene L.                     [USA]

Chang, Yuan-Chieh                 [Taiwan]

Curado, Carla M                       [Portugal]

Dool, Richard                            [USA]

Delgado-Márquez, Blanca     (Spain]

Faurer, Judson C.                    [USA]

Fischmann, Adalberto            [Brazil]

Flores, Javier                            [Spain]

Geringer, J. Michael                [USA]

Guinan, Patricia                        [USA]

Haar, Jerry                                 [USA]

Harcourt, Mark L                      [New Zealand]

Herkenhoff, Linda M.               [USA]

Himam, Fathul H                      [Indonesia]

Izraeli, Ruth                               [Israel]

Johnson, Sara                          [Canada]

Martinez-Sanchez, Angel       [Spain]

Menkhoff, Thomas                  [Singapore]

Molero, Victor                            [Spain]

Özdevecioglu, Mahmut M.     [Turkey]

Peretz, Hilla                                [Israel]

Pierce, Eugene                         [USA]

Rankhumise Edward M.         [South Africa]

Robles, Fernando                    [USA]

Rondeau, Kent                          [Canada]

Rosman, Randal                       [USA]

Russ, Meir                                  [USA]

Seshan, V.                                  [USA]

Singh, Manjari                           [India]

Song, Wei                                   [Canada]

Sulejewicz, Aleksander          [Poland]

Tarek Taha, Ahmed                 [Egypt]

Tutino, Marco                            [Italy]

Walia, Pardeep S.                     [India]

Kamil Oygur Yamak                [Turkey]

Yüksel, Müberra                       [Turkey]

Zanzi, Alberto                            [USA]



Amir_AlbadviAmir Albadvi, Ph.D.

Department Industrial Engineering
Tarbiat Modares University
Iran            Member since Dec-2011


Sulaiman A. Al-HudhaifSulaiman A. Al-Hudhaif, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Quality and Development
College of Business Administration
King Saud University
Riyadh 11632
Saudi Arabia               Member since Aug-2011


Atkins_webStephen G. Atkins, Ph.D.

Research Director – Business
Otago Polytechnic of New Zealand
New Zealand             Member since Nov-2013

Senior Editor

International Journal of Management and Business – IJMB

Stephen Atkins early adult life was mostly in management/engineering in spacecraft operations and later as a behavioral scientist in studying astronaut performance in Shuttle and Space Station environments. In addition, part of his work-life and research-life has been in race & gender relations. This led to a doctoral fellowship at Virginia Tech, where he worked within the overlap between organizational attitude measurement and social cognitions.  After Virginia Tech, he lectured before masters-level logistics management students from nations of every continent at a global polytechnic.  His teaching has been in areas such as organizational measurement, HRM, business research methods, internationalization, and industrial psychology.  He now serves as Research Coordinator (Business) for Otago Polytechnic’s College for Enterprise and Development. His team mission-analysis or job-analysis efforts are largely in the nexus where social cognition overlays business psychology. His research now is in contexts of sustainable rural drinking water, post-disaster economic-redevelopment or poverty-relief (via and ).


Imad B. BaalbakiImad B. Baalbaki, Ph.D.

Business School
American University of Beirut
Lebanon                          Member since Nov-2013

Imad Baalbaki is Assistant Vice President for Development at the American University of Beirut (AUB), and a lecturer of Marketing at Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, AUB.  He holds a PhD in Marketing and Research Methods from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.   Dr Baalbaki joined the Graduate School of Business and Management, AUB, in 1993 and became its Director (1997), and then led the School to become the sixth independent faculty of AUB (2001). He served as the Director of Development and External Affairs, AUB, from 2001-2007.

Dr Baalbaki has taught courses in the fields of Marketing and Research Methods in the US, Lebanon, and the Gulf.  He published his research in those fields in international academic journals, and presented his research in numerous international and regional academic business conferences.  He also contributed to development of business programs at regional universities.

The Office of Development and External Affairs is responsible for the fundraising efforts of the University and for its alumni relations.  The University has two Development Offices, one in NY and one in Beirut.  The NY Office area of responsibility extends over North America, while the Beirut Office covers the remainder of the world.  Dr Baalbaki heads the Beirut Development Office.


Francis Blasco, Ph.D.

Titular Professor
Complutense University de Madrid
Avda. Filipinas, 3
28003 Madrid
Spain               Member since Nov-2008

Associate Editor

International Journal of Management and Business – IJMB

Sharon BorowiczSharon Borowicz, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Business
Benedictine University
Lisle, IL 60532. USA                 Member since Feb-2011

Yuan-Chieh ChangYuan-Chieh Chang, Ph.D.

Institute of Technology Management
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan     Member since Oct-2012

Dr. Yuan-Chieh Chang obtained his Ph.D. in Science and Technology Policy and Management at PREST, University of Manchester (2001), England and a MBA in management of technology at the Asian Institute of Technology (1996), Thailand. He used to be visiting scholars in Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (2006); School of Economics & Management, Tsing Hua University, Mainland China (2008); Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, USA (2006); Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Management, Tongji University, Mainland China (2012); and SPRU, University of Sussex, England (2012). Currently, Dr. Chang is Board Member and Chair of International Co-operation at Chinese Society for Management of Technology (CSMOT) in Taiwan. The members of CSMOT are more than 1,000. In term of organizing international conferences, he was a co-organizer of R&D Management Conference Taiwan 2006 and the Program Chair, IAMOT 2012 Taiwan.

Dr. Chang’s current research interests are systems of innovation, academic entrepreneurship, evaluation of S&T, service innovation, and R&D management. He serves as editorial advisory boards of R&D Management (SSCI) and Technovation (SSCI). He acted guest editors of R&D Management (2008) and Technovation (2012). His published papers can be found in the journals of Research Policy, Regional Studies, Technovation, Scientometrics, R&D Management, Research Evaluation, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, etc. His personal web site is:

Helene L. CaudillHelene L. Caudill, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management
School of Management and Business
St. Edward’s University
New College
Austin, Texas 78704-6489
USA         Member since Jul-2008


Carla M. CuradoCarla M. Curado, Ph.D.

Department of Management
ISEG – School of Economics and Management
Technical University of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal                        Member since Aug-2010

Blanca Luisa Delgado-MárquezDr. Blanca Luisa Delgado-Márquez

International and Spanish Economics
University of Granada
Granada, Spain                      Member since Aug-2010

R. Richard DoolR. Richard Dool

Teaching Professor
School of Communication and Information
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ.
USA     Member since Dec-2016

Chief Editor

International Journal of Management and Business – IJMB

Dr. Richard Dool is on the faculty at Rutgers University where he is also the Director of the Masters in Communication and Media program and Teaching Professor. He is also on the faculty at the University of Maryland (UC).  Dr. Dool is currently the Managing Director of LeaderocityTM, LLC, a management consultancy offering solutions for change management, strategic development, leadership communication and organizational renewal.

Dr. Dool has a MA in Strategic Communication and Leadership, a MS in Management and a Doctorate in Management/Organizational Processes. Dr. Dool is an active researcher and presenter in these areas and has published on the concepts of Change FatigueTM and LeaderocityTM. He is the author of “Enervative Change: The Impact of Persistent Change Initiatives on Job Satisfaction. He holds several national certifications in online learning, instruction and course development as well.

Dr. Dool has a comprehensive and diverse executive level leadership background including leading an $800M division of AT&T, global commercial leadership roles (GE), and serving as CEO of both public and private companies. Background includes rescuing a company from near bankruptcy, leading the acquisition or divestiture of 11 companies and effectively managing companies in the US, UK, China, Brazil, Germany, France, India and Australia. Significant operational history in general management, sales/commercial leadership, product management and marketing leadership positions. Successful leadership experience in a variety of settings including multi-national, multicultural and virtual environments. He has been on the Board of Directors of five different companies as well as a member of several Boards of Advisors.


Judson C. FaurerJudson C. Faurer, Ph.D.

Department of Management
Metro State College of Denver
Denver, Colorado  80217
USA                     Member since Feb-2009

Adalberto FischmannAdalberto Fischmann, Ph.D.

Department of Business Administration
School of Economics, Business Administration and
University of São Paulo, São Paulo
Brazil                       Member since Nov-2011

Javier de Jesús Flores ZamoraJavier de Jesús Flores Zamora

Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid, Spain        Member since Aug-2010

geringer_web J. Michael (Mike) Geringer, Ph.D.

O’Bleness Professor of International Strategy
Director, Center for International Business Education and Development
College of Business
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio, USA       Member since Jun-2007

Associate Editor

International Journal of Management and Business – IJMB

Patricia GuinanPatricia Guinan, (P.J.) Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Information Systems and  Management
Babson College
Babson Park, Massachusetts, USA.          Member since Nov-2015

Patricia Guinan teaches multi-disciplinary courses in Organization Design, Leadership, Influence, Information Technology, Cross-Functional Teamwork, Negotiations, Consulting Skills, Social Media, Managing Complexity, Organization Change and Management Strategy. She has received three awards for teaching excellence. Two were from Boston University and most recently she received the Dean’s Award from Babson Executive Education at Babson College. Dr. Guinan teaches in numerous Executive Programs at Babson’s School of Executive Education including: EMC, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, IBM, USAA, and many more.  Dr. Guinan’s research on technology adoption was awarded the best paper award at the Hawaii International Conference on Information Systems. Most recently her work was featured in Harvard Business Review with the article: What is your Social Media Strategy? She works with corporations interested in innovating their business models and developing their leadership capabilities. Dr. Guinan is the Author of an International Award winning book entitled: Patterns of Excellence for IS Professionals published by the ICIT Press. Her articles are published in: Human Communication Research, the Business and Communication Journal, the IBM Systems Journal, the Wall Street Journal as well as Information Systems Research.

Jerry Haar, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Dean
College of Business,
Florida International University
Miami, FL, USA                             Member since Nov-2013

Mark L. HarcourtMark L. Harcourt, Ph.D.

Department of Strategy and Human Resource Management
Waikato University
Hamilton, New Zealand                 Member since Jul-2010

Linda M. HerkenhoffLinda M. Herkenhoff, Ph.D.

Saint Mary’s College
Graduate School of Business
Moraga, CA  94575
USA         Member since Feb-2010

Fathul H. HimamFathul H. Himam, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Yogyakarta, Indonesia        Member since Jul-2010

Ruth IzraeliRuth Izraeli, Ph.D.

Director, Macabi Health services
Tel Aviv
Israel              Member since Jun-2007

Sara JohnsonSara Johnson

Financial Planner CFP
Department of International Business Management
BMO Bank of Montreal
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada     Member since Dec-2011

Angel Martinez-SanchezAngel Martinez-Sanchez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Direccion y Organización de Empresas
Centro Politecnico Superior
University of Zaragoza
Zaragoza, Spain                Member since Sep-2010

Angel Martinez received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Zaragoza and holds a Master in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. His research interests are: Innovation and Technology Management, Organizational Flexibility, and Production and Supply Chain Management. He teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in production and innovation management, has published in several  leading international journals, and consults industrial companies.

Thomas MenkhoffThomas Menkhoff, Ph.D.

Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University
Singapore, Singapore.             Member since Nov-2015

Thomas Menkhoff is currently the Academic Director for the Master of Science in Innovation Programme at Singapore Management University (SMU). He joined SMU in 2001 and has formerly taught at the National University of Singapore, the University of Cologne, and the University of Bielefeld in Germany.  Some of his latest publications are Beyond the Knowledge Trap – Developing Asia’s Knowledge-based Economies (New Jersey: World Scientific, 2011 – together with Hans-Dieter Evers, Chay Yue Wah and Pang Eng Fong) and Chinese Business in Asia – Catalyst for Change (New Jersey: World Scientific, 2014 – together with Chay Yue Wah, Hans-Dieter Evers and Hoon Chang Yau). In 2009, he was the recipient of SMU’s university-wide ‘Most Innovative Teacher Award’.

Victor MoleroVictor Molero, Ph.D.

Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Avda. Filipinas
28003 Madrid
Spain           Member since Mar-2009

Mahmut M. ÖzdeveciogluMahmut M. Özdevecioglu, Ph.D.

The faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Department of Business Administration
Erciyes University,
Ankara, Kayseri
Turkey      Member since Mar-2009

Hilla PeretzHilla Peretz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Ort Braude College
Karmiel, Israel                   Member since Aug-2010

Eugene A. PierceDr. Eugene A. Pierce

MITRE Corporation  – Fellow
Assistant Professor
Wittenberg University
Springfield, Ohio, USA  (Wittenberg)   (MITRE Corporation)  (Case Western Reserve University)           Member since Aug-2010

Edward M. RankhumiseEdward M. Rankhumise, Ph.D.

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
Tshwane University of Technology
Gauteng, Pretoria
South Africa      Member since Mar-2019

Edward Rankhumise has been a senior lecturer of Business Management at the Tshwane University of Technology since 2003. He was the Head of Administration in the Deparetment of Health where he served for twelve years. Dr. Rankhumise served on the Faculty Board of Management Sciences (2004-2007), and is on the Faculty Research Committee. In the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship he is currently the chairperson of the Department’s Research Committee.  Research Interests include: Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Human Resource Development.

Fernando RoblesFernando Robles, Ph.D.

Professor of International Business and International Affairs
School of Business
George Washington University,
Washington, DC, USA                     Member since Sep-2011

Kent RondeauKent Rondeau, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
School of Public Health and School of Business
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Telephone: 780-492-8608       Member since Apr-2012

Randal RosmanRandal Rosman

Master in Hotel Administration Student
William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA    Member since Nov-2011

Russ_EdBoard_webMeir Russ, Ph.D.

Professor, Business Administration
Frederick E. Baer Professor in Business
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Wood Hall 460G
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
Telephone: (920) 465-2757                     Member since Apr-2007

Meir Russ received his PhD from The Ohio State University in strategic management, entrepreneurship, and international business. He also has an MBA and a BScEE from Tel Aviv University. He is currently an associate professor and the Chair of Masters of Management program with the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Dr. Russ currently teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in management and marketing. He also teaches a strategic emergency preparedness, planning and implementation class in the certificate for emergency management Master of Administrative Science Program at UW-GB. His research interests include knowledge-based strategies; the use of knowledge management for hospital preparedness, the new-knowledge based economic development, and human capital valuation methods among others. In addition to his academic focus, Dr. Russ serves in a consulting capacity with a number of multinational companies in the area of global strategic management and knowledge management and chairs the incubator committee at the Green Bay Chamber Advance Board. Dr. Russ is the Chair of the Master Program in Management and the Frederick E. Baer Professor in Business at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He chairs the Incubator committee at Advance Business Development Center – Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development partnership. He also writes and consults extensively on knowledge management strategy and policy worldwide.

V. SeshanV. Seshan, Ph.D.

Business Administration Division
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA. USA       Member since Feb-2009

Manjari SinghManjari Singh, Ph.D.

Personnel and Industrial Relations Area
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, India         Member since Jul-2010

Wei SongWei Song, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Management
Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC, Canada                            Member since Jul-2010

Wei Song received her PhD in Management from the University of Edinburgh, UK. and her MBA from Frostburg State University, USA. Dr. Song’s international teaching experience at the university level spans over fifteen years, including the appointments from China, Germany, the U.K. the US A and Canada for over 15 years. Previously, Dr. Song was the Associate Campus Dean and the professor of management at Strayer University.  Currently, Dr. Song is the research faculty member of School of Business and Economics at Thompson Rivers University. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in management and marketing. Her research interests include retail strategy, private label, service marketing, international marketing and organizational ethnography. She conducts research and publishes the papers regularly. Her experience in private industry includes working AMF Bowling Inc. as a Sr. Facilities Analyst. In a consultation capacity, Dr. Song serves as a senior academic consultant for both US and China’s educational firms.

Aleksander SulejewiczAleksander Sulejewicz, Ph.D.

Department of Economics II
Warsaw School of Economics
Warsaw, Poland                  Member since Sep-2010

Ahmed Tarek TahaAhmed Tarek Taha, Ph.D.

Dean of the faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences
Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA)
Alexandria, Egypt   Member since Jul-2010

Tutino_Web_17Marco Tutino, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Business Administration
School of Business
Faculty of Economics
University of  Roma TRE
Roma, Italy   Member since Apr-2011

Marco Tutino earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration at Pisa University (Italy)) and a Master Science degree in Finance at Cass Business School (London, United Kingdom). He has been Assistant Professor at Roma TRE University since 2005. Dr. Tutino is a member of academic domestic associations, AIDEA and SIDREA, and academic international association, EIASM (Brussels), GSTF (Singapore) and IAMB (USA). He is Certified Public Accountant, Accounting Auditor and Financial Broker in Italy, and a Partner in Set Consulting, a private IT consulting firm based in Roma, Italy.

Pardeep S. WaliaPardeep S. Walia, Ph.D.

Department of Commerce
Government College for Girls, Sec-11, Chd
India      Member since Feb-2009

Kamil Oygur YamakKamil Oygur Yamak, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Management
Marmara University
Bahcelievler, Istanbul
Turkey,      Member since Dec-2011

Müberra YükselMüberra Yüksel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
International Trade and Logistics
School of Applied Studies
Kadir Has University
Turkey             Member since Jul-2008

Alberto Zanzi, Ph.D.

Department of Management
Suffolk University
Boston, MA.  USA       Member since Jul-2010