We are creating a new review process and adding, changing and enhancing various editorial roles.  Described below are categories of the various editorial roles. There are also three individual roles:  Managing Editor, Chief Editor, and Senior Editor.

Managing Editor – oversees the entire process and manages the finance, operational and logistics processes of the IJMB

Chief Editor – responsible for the overall scholarly contribution, health of the Journal, editorial policy and positioning/promotion of the Journal. Will divide the oversight of Associate Editors with the Senior Editor.

Senior Editor – advise on strategy, direction and trends. Help recruit and oversee Associate Editors & PEAs.

Associate Editors – – a very small group of distinguished scholars who:

  1. Work on all aspects of the journal strategy, direction, editorial policy and implementation.
  2. Responsible for actual reviews, and review process for specific submissions.
  3. Serve as a Reviewer
  4. Provide the IJMB Chief Editor or Senior Editor, in writing, their brief but considered opinion and recommendation for each response letter proposed by a Reviewer.
  5. Insure that this peer-review process is completed with ninety (90) days.

Consulting Editors – – a group of distinguished scholars who provide:

  1. Abstract translation or other specialized consultation services to IJMB.
  2. Timely response to IJMB Chief Editor regarding multi-national/cross-national relevance of the submissions thus abstracted

Editorial Board – – a larger group of distinguished scholars who:

  1. Sometimes serve as Reviewers when the most appropriate Ad hoc Reviewers are less suitable or are unavailable (anticipated to be infrequent).
  2. Insure that this fuller peer-review process is completed with ninety (90) days.

Postgraduate Editorial Assistants (PEAs) – – a small group of distinguished doctoral students who:

  1. Quickly make a first review of submissions eliminating those IJMB manuscript submissions they deem to be unready for the full peer-review process.  This is mainly a review of methodology with a ‘ready/not ready’ recommendation.,
  2. PEAs will work in trios as assigned by the Chief Editor and will independently make the above mentioned ‘first-cut’ determination.
  3. All three PEAs will report to the Chief Editor or the Senior Editor who will make the final decision.
  4. The ‘first-cut’ outcome occurs within 3 weeks once a manuscript has been assigned to the PEAs.

We believe the above-described process can increase the likelihood that all IAMB members are at least reasonably served by the IJMB peer-review efforts, and in very timely fashion.  The ninety (90) day target timeline will start after the initial review is completed by the PEAs.