IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume V, Issue 1


Effects of Paternalistic and Transformational Leadership on Follower Outcomes
Asli Göncü, Zeynep Aycan, Russell E. Johnson

Çankaya University, agoncu@cankaya.edu.tr
Koç University, zaycan@ku.edu.tr
Michigan State University, johnsonr@bus.msu.edu


We investigated the motivations through which paternalistic (PL), and transformational (TL) leadership styles of managers were associated with employees’ organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB). PL is common in Eastern cultures, and may be as effective as TL, which is more common in Western cultures, to elicit positive employee outcomes such as OCB. We showed that in a Turkish cultural context, both leadership styles enhanced trust in leaders, and trust, in turn, enhanced the intrinsic motivations of employees to perform OCB. PL and TL were related to OCB through different extrinsic motivations. TL increased the perception of instrumentality of OCB for leaders and for work group members which was associated with actual performance of OCB. PL enhanced employees’ motivation to manage their impression which, in turn, was positively related to their OCB.

Keywords: Paternalistic leadership, transformational leadership, trust, motivation, organizational citizenship behaviors.

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