IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume II, Issue 1


Information Technology Systems in the Human Resource Area: A Cross Culture Approach
Hilla Peretza and Yitzhak Friedb*

aDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ort Braude College, Israel hillap@braude.ac.il
b*Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University , U.S.A, yfried@syr.edu


Using two independent large databases of 5,991 organizations in 21 countries, this study explored (a) the influence of national values on human resource (HR) information system practices (type of HR information system and information system communication design) adopted by organizations; and (b) the contribution of the level of fit between national values and these HR information system practices to two key organizational performance indicators: absenteeism and turnover. Results showed that national values explained HR information system practices and supported the hypothesized interactive effects of national values and HR information system practices on absenteeism and turnover. The results have strong implications for organizations concerned with how to maximize the fit between particular cultures and HR information system practices as a basis to enhance organizational performance indicators.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Cross Culture, Information System

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