IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume V, Issue 2


The Challenge of Change for Multinational Organizations:
A Case Study

Emily L. Ayubi, MA, Brittany Bowers, Alexa Broida, Neil Jenkins, Monica L. McGhee, Ashley Miller, Avery D. Mitchell, Mellissa Walker, Lynn Offermann, Ph.D., 11Victoria M. Grady, DSc.

Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication, George Washington University, Washington, DC.

11School of Business, Department of Management George Mason University, vgrady3@gmu.edu*

2Emily L. Ayubi, 3Brittany Bowers, 4Alexa Broida, 5Neil Jenkins, 6Monica McGhee, 7Ashley Miller, 8Avery Mitchell, 9Mellissa Walker, 10Lynn Offermann
2emileona@gmail.com, 3brittanyb@gwmail.gwu.edu, 4alexabroida@gmail.com, 5njenkins@gwmail.gwu.edu, 6mlmcghee@gwu.edu, 7ashleyeliz.miller@gmail.com, 8admitchell@gwmail.gwu.edu, 9meanina@gwmail.gwu.edu, 10lro@gwu.edu


Graduate students and faculty at The George Washington University (GWU) partnered with Global Organization (GO) to identify and ameliorate challenges related to the rapid cycling of organizational change. The purpose of this case study was to gather a baseline of individual symptoms and their impact on organizational attitudes to develop an informed and defined action plan for continuing transitions. Research was conducted to improve the overall effectiveness of GO, which is renowned for its unique identity and international relationships, as well as to create a customized method for maintaining organizational effectiveness through transitions. Results of both qualitative and quantitative analyses are presented. The discussion includes comprehensive recommendations and implementation strategies that can enable GO to successfully redefine its mission and address any critical organizational symptoms. The implications of the current study may also prove relevant for other global organizations faced with continuous change.

Keywords: Organizational Change, Trust, Effectiveness, Resistance, Culture, Change Success

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