IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VI, Issue 1


Insecure, but Satisfied and Committed:

The Influence of Household Registration upon Temporary Employees in Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Bing Shi

School of Business, London South Bank University, the United Kingdom



This research studies the influence of Chinese institutional configurations in terms of the household registration and the social welfare systems upon temporary employee’s job insecurity and its consequences: job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and work commitment in the state-owned enterprises. Based on a survey from six enterprises, the research found that rural registered temporary employees had significantly higher job insecurity than their urban registered counterparts. Due to the fact that rural registered residents get less social welfare and support, the research concludes that the strength of social welfare and support has a negative relationship with job insecurity. This contributes to the literature from the cross-country level to the intra-country level. Unlike previous studies, the research did not find any difference between those employees in job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and work commitment. Therefore, the research suggests that the equality of institutional configurations in terms of social welfare and support is fundamental to job insecurity; the equality intermediates the consequences of job insecurity. The unequal institutional configuration is key to understanding job insecurity in Chinese temporary employment.

Keywords: job insecurity, organizational commitment, work commitment, job satisfaction, temporary employee, household registration, social welfare, state-owned enterprise, China.

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