IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume III, Issue 1


Comparative Analysis of Risk Management and Risk Disclosure in the Banking Sector Italian vs. World Practices

S. Puccia, M. Tutinob*, and E. Marullic

Roma Tre University, Department of Management and Law, Roma, Italy
as.pucci@uniroma3.it, bmtutino@uniroma3.it, cemarulli@uniroma3.it


The paper – that is a part of a bigger project – is based on the assumption of an important relationship between risk management principles and procedures, corporate governance and accounting. Its aim is to evaluate what are, at this stage, the theoretical approaches and the practical solutions adopted by the companies to manage the risks and to disclosure to stakeholders qualitative and quantitative elements referring to this aspect and necessary to evaluate the company profile. The paper examines the 2010 Consolidated Annual Reports of a sample of 25 Italian and worldwide listed banks on two main topics: (i) the quality of disclosure on Internal Organization Process Risk in terms of correspondence to the international best practice framework as stated in CoSo reports, (ii) the instruments adopted in the Risk Management Process to assess corporate exposure to market risk, focusing on Interest Rate risk, Price risk and Currency risk
Keywords: Information Sharing, Group Decision Supported System (GDSS), Expertise role-assignment.

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