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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VII, Issue 1


The Influence of Co-authorship Networks on the Performance of Graduate Programs in the Brazilian Evaluation System

Cibele B. Martinsa, Emerson A. Maccarib, Sergio B. Martinsc, Fernando A. R. Serrad
Federal University of Santa Catarinaa, Nine of July University,b,c,d
E-mail: cibele.martins@ufsc.bra, maccari@uninove.brb, sergiobomfim@gmail.comc, fernandorserra@gmail.comd


In Brazil, stricto sensu graduate programs are regulated by the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), an agency linked to the Ministry of Education (MEC) which has the power to recommend or reject courses. In this context, it turns out that, over the years, programs have coordinated their strategies and actions to meet the requirements of the evaluation system. This study aims to identify the influence of co-authorship networks on the performance of graduate programs in the CAPES evaluation system. We used a quantitative research method to evaluate the correlation between the co-authorship network and the evaluations obtained by the programs that comprise the field of Business Management, Accounting and Tourism, from 2001 to 2009. The results point to a positive relationship between the consolidation of co-authorship groups and the grade achieved in the CAPES evaluation system.

Keywords: Co-authorship networks; evaluation system; graduate programs; stricto sensu.

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