IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume IV, Issue 1


Ethical Ideology as a Predictor of Ethical Decision Making
Agata Chudzicka-Czupala

Department of Psychology, University of Silesia, Poland
e-mail: agata.chudzicka-czupala@us.edu.pl


The study investigates the role of individual ethical ideology as a predictor of moral judgement and ethical decision making at work. Moral judgement and ethical decision making were examined from three points of view: of an observer of unethical behaviour, of the victim, and of the perpetrator. Dimensions of moral judgement and ethical decision making were distinguished partly on the basis of Jones’ issue-contingent model (1991). These dimensions are as follows: recognition of the behaviour as an unethical issue, the perceived magnitude of emotional consequences for the victim, and the intended behaviour.
As a result of a cluster analysis conducted on a sample group of 326 people employed in Polish organizations, two subgroups were specified differing in terms of ethical ideology. The two groups were subsequently compared to each other and the way they make ethical decisions was characterized.
Results of the research demonstrate that individual ethical philosophy is a significant predictor of ethical decision making. The research offers implications for the practice of moral awareness in organizations.

Keywords: ethical ideology, ethical decision making, moral judgement, Poland.

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