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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VI, Issue 2


The New Disruptive Phase of Mobile Technology:
The Case of Wearables

Nabil Sultan

Dean and Professor, A’Sharqiyah University, Ibra, Oman.


Digital and communication technology is entering a new phase of its development. Tiny mobile gadgets that can be carried or stored in our bags or pockets are destined to be replaced by tiny mobile gadgets that can be worn. Wearing digital gadgets or computers as items of clothing, eye glasses or watches is likely to reduce their propensity to get lost or stolen; but their conspicuous nature could present some consumers with problems as will be demonstrated in this article. However, the great benefit of such devices is their ability to overcome our limitations as human beings. We only have two hands to do most of what we need to do. Wearable technology overcomes this limitation by making use of some of our other senses and attributes such as eyes, skin and voice. Such qualities make wearable computers useful for many tasks and in many situations. This article explores the current and possible uses of wearable technology for healthcare, education, knowledge management and public safety. Moreover, it attempts to provide some insights into the prospects of this technology from the theoretical perspective of the theory of disruptive innovations as proposed by Clayton Christensen and his colleagues from Harvard Business School. Keywords: Disruptive Innovations; Education; e-Health; Healthcare; Knowledge Management; Public Safety

Keywords: Disruptive Innovations, Education, e-Health, Healthcare, Knowledge Management, Public Safety

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