IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume I, Issue 1


The Role of Academia in Preparing Management Consultants
Alberto Zanzi, Ph.Da* and Susan M. Adams, Ph.Db

aSuffolk University, Sawyer Business School, Boston, MA, azanzi@suffolk.edu
bBentley University, Waltham, MA., sadams@bentley.edu


The cyclical and counter- cyclical tendencies of the consulting industry and academia with respect to the economic cycles offers a unique opportunity for universities, particularly MBA programs to expand their role in training management consultants in preparation of the upcoming rebound of the global economies.
This study centers on the role of business schools in assisting in this process by examining the frequency, content and trend over time of management consulting related courses offered by top ranked and not top ranked American, and European universities. The pedagogical approach, with particular reference to field projects and learning objectives are also examined.
Our findings indicate a positive overall trend of more courses being offered, the importance of complementing classroom instruction with field projects and the tendency of American universities of lagging behind their international counterparts.

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