IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume IV, Issue 1


Technology, Trust and Effectiveness in Virtual Teams
Dr. Eugene Pierce1 and Dr. Sean W. Hansen2

1MITRE Corporation, epierce@mitre.org
Weatherhead School of Business, CASE Western Reserve University,eap18@case.edu
2Rochester Institute of Technology, Sanders College of Business
Rochester, New York, USA. shansen@saunders.rit.edu


Business and government organizations today need to compete and interoperate globally to survive. Effective virtual team management through technology is a key factor. Virtual teams present advantages for cost control and access to global expertise. Previous research suggests a variety of factors for effective functioning of virtual teams. This study explored technology and relationships between team leader personalities, team trust, and team perceived effectiveness by surveying 873 engineers. The findings suggest that a virtual team leader’s personality has a significant impact on the team’s perceived effectiveness but this effect is mediated through cognitive and personality based trust. Implications for managers and further research are discussed.

Keywords: Cognitive Trust, Leader personality, Personality-based Trust, Virtual Teaming, Big Five personality model, Structural equation modeling.

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