IJMB Journal – Abstracts

International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume III, Issue 2


The Michelangelo Premise: Performance, Potential, and Business Psychology
Raymond L. Forbes Jr.

Department of Social and Natural Sciences, Franklin University, U.S.A.


This paper relates the wisdom contained in a renaissance metaphor with current notions of potential, performance, and the field of Business Psychology. Renaissance genius Michelangelo’s ideas about sculpture are employed as a powerful metaphor for the release of our hidden performance potential. The actualization of inherent potential is viewed as a creative work performance that synergizes head, heart, and body. Potential is seen as closely related to the concepts of talents and multiple intelligences.
For the global economy, the effective employment of talent, intelligence, and knowledge is projected to be a primary driving force for years to come. For business organizations, investment in the realization of human potential is seen to have lasting value and is considered to be a continuing source of competitive advantage. For the discipline of Business Psychology, the realization of human potential in the context of a business setting has been a long-pursued Holy Grail. And, for the individual manager there is the real possibility of enhanced future performance with an associated economic payoff.

Keywords: Michelangelo, performance, potential, business psychology.

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