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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume II, Issue 1 – August 2011


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Information Technology Systems in the Human Resource Area: A Cross Culture Approach.
Hilla Peretz and Yitzhak Fried
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Cross Culture, Information System.
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International Age Discrimination: Management Challenges and Opportunities.
Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Frank J. Cavico, Donovan A. McFarlane
Keywords: age discrimination, global work environment, cultural sensitivity, global workforce, generational differences, ADEA, anti-discrimination law
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A Correlational Study of Professional Culture and Intraorganizational Conflict.
Linda M. Herkenhoff and Jo Ann Heydenfeldt
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Social Capital Creation in Shorter Timeframes and its Role in Knowledge Sharing.
Kalotina Chalkiti, Aggie Wegner, Teresa Cunningham
Keywords: Social networks, social capital, knowledge sharing, people knowledge, dynamic labour environments, hospitality, Northern Territory (NT).
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Evolution of Shared Cognitive Structures in Entrepreneurial Teams and their Impact on Opportunity Identification and Exploitation.
Daniela P. Blettner
Keywords: entrepreneurship, teams, shared cognition, cognitive map
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Task-related Information Sharing in Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS): The Importance of Knowing Who Knows What.
Vichita Vathanophas, Kingkarn Suensilpong, Tullawat Pacharapha
Keywords: Information Sharing, Group Decision Supported System (GDSS), Expertise role-assignment.
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