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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VIII, Issue 1 – July 2017


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Role of Consumer Knowledge towards Building Services Efficiency in Mexico.          
Rajagopal, Ananya Rajagopal
Keywords: Consumer knowledge, purchase intention, consumer behaviour, operational efficiency, services marketing, Mexico .
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Human Reaction to Change: The Reality and Impact of Stress.          
Tonja Blom, Rica Viljoen
Keywords: Human reaction to change; leadership; organisational change; stress; transformation.
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Examination of a Specific Form of Eco-design: The Case of Eco-packaging.
Tian Zeng, Myriam Ertz, Fabien Durif
Keywords: Eco-packaging; eco-design; brand equity; loyalty; purchase behaviour; mediation analysis.
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Issues in Women Entrepreneurship in India: An Institutional Theory Perspective.
P Padmavathy Dhillon, P Shivram Dhillon
Keywords: women entrepreneurship, institutional theory, case study .
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Application of Thinking Process Tools of Theory of Constraints to Initiate a Business.
Abhishek Jaysingh Shinde, P Padmavathy Dhillon, Dileep More
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Start-up Business, Thinking Processes, Theory of Constraints, Opportunity exploitation.
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Making Organizations Meaningful to Young Adults with ADHD:  Qualitative Exploratory Research Design.
Barbara A. Mather
Keywords: ADHD, ADD, disorder, attention deficit, young adult, workplace, workplace challenge, challenging work experience, Millennial, self-awareness.
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