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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VII, Issue 2 – December 2016


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Measuring the Various Ethical Frameworks in Organizations.         
Caroline Coulombe
Keywords: Business Ethics; Ethical Plurality; Ethical Principles; Healthcare; Education.
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Factors driving Purchase Intention and Word-of-Mouth
Communication for Sports Sponsors: A Comparative Analysis
between “Star” clubs and “Underdogs”.

Koronios, Konstantinos; Psiloutsikou, Marina; Kriemadis, Athanasios;
Gatsis, Georgia
Keywords: Sponsor recognition, sincerity, attitude, purchase intention, word-of-mouth (WOM).
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Negotiating with the Chinese and the Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox:
The Collapse/Superposition Contradictory Paradigms
Eliane Karsaklian
Keywords: cultural dimensions, international negotiation, quantum physics, China, paradoxes.
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The Role of Informality in Socioeconomic Wealth Creation.
Charles Hampden Turner and Raymond Ferris Abelin
Keywords: Informal, Formal, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation.
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The Renewed Case for Business Ethics: Ethics and Capitalism. .
Eddy M. Souffrant
Keywords: Business Ethics, Compliance, Hudbay Mineral Inc., Cultural Diversity, Ethics and Globalization, Moral Experts.
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