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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume V, Issue 1 – June 2014


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Modelling Employees’ Suggestion-Making Behavior.
Davide Girardelli
Keywords: Suggestion systems; Employee involvement; Discretionary Work Behavior; Theory of Planned Behavior; Toyota Manufacturing System.
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Effects of Paternalistic and Transformational Leadership on Follower Outcomes.
Asli Göncü, Zeynep Aycan, Russell E. Johnson
Keywords: Paternalistic leadership, transformational leadership, trust, motivation, organizational citizenship behaviors.
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Voluntary Delisting in Italy:
Are Italian Listed Firms Moved by Different Incentives?
Marco Tutino, Ida Claudia Panetta, Enrico Laghi
Keywords: Going Private, Delisting, Public to private, Buyout Offer Squeeze Out (BOSO), Governance
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Entrepreneurial Mindsets:
Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Properties of a Mindset Scale
John-Erik Mathisen*, Jan Ketil Arnulf
Keywords: Entrepreneurial mindsets, personality, elaborating mindsets, implemental mindsets, compulsiveness about business ideas, outcome and processes orientation.
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Narcissistic Personality Inventory:
An Assessment of Measurement Equivalence across Countries and Gender
Irina Cozma*, Golshan Javadian, Vishal K. Gupta, Mario Canever
Keywords: narcissism, NPI, measurement equivalence, gender, country, culture.
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Can the Digital Media Revolution Restore a Vital Balance within
Civil Society and International Business?
Charles Hampden-Turner and Raymond Ferris Abelin
Keywords: Technology, Innovation, Society, Digital Media, International Business.
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