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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume III, Issue 1 – August 2012


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A Comparison of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile across Two Countries.
Agata Chudzicka-Czupala, Irina Cozma, Damian Grabowski, and David J. Woehr
Keywords: work ethics, measurement equivalence, Poland, Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile (MWEP).
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Comparative Analysis of Risk Management and Risk Disclosure in the Banking Sector: Italian vs. World Practices.
S. Pucci, M. Tutino, E. Marulli
Keywords: IFRS 7, Risk Disclosure, Risk Management, ERM, Banks
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International New Venture Strategies in Times of Crisis: Empirical Evidence from Service Industries.
Mario Glowik and Slawomir Smyczek
Keywords: International new ventures, service industries, economic crisis
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Neuroscience Reveals the Whole-Brain State and its Applications for International Business and Sustainable Success.
Jeffrey L. Fannin, and Robert M. Williams
Keywords: EEG, subconscious, leadership, business, nature, principles, beliefs.
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Narrating a Story of Buenos Aires’ Fábricas Recuperadas.
Katarzyna Kosmala and Miguel Imas
Keywords: Fábricas Recuperadas, narrative method, organization storytelling
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Towards a New Model of Wealth Creation: Shareholders and Stakeholders
Charles Hampden-Turner and Raymond Ferris Abelin
Keywords: Shareholders vs. Stakeholders, Catch-up Capitalism, Individualism-Communitarianism, Anglo-Saxon Model, Asian Model, direction vs. indirection.
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Research and Publication Strategies for International Scholars in a Globalizing World.
William R. Pendergast
Keywords: Research, Publication, Strategies, International Scholars.
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