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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VII, Issue 1 – June 2016


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The Influence of Co-authorship Networks on the Performance of
Graduate Programs in the Brazilian Evaluation System
Cibele B. Martins, Emerson A. Maccari, Sergio B. Martins, Fernando A. R. Serra
Keywords: Co-authorship networks; evaluation system; graduate programs; stricto sensu.
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The Causes for Promotions According to Managers and Workers in
High-Tech and Public Sectors: Ethical Questions and Human
Resource Management Responsibility
Moshe Sharabi, Javier Simonovich, Ofer Arian
Keywords: Promotions; Managers; Public Sector; High-Tech Sector; Human Resources Management; Israel.
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Assessment of Evidence-based Management Training Program:
Application of a Logic Model
Ruiling Guo*, Tracy J. Farnsworth, Patrick M. Hermanson
Keywords: Logic model, evidence-based management, healthcare administrators, healthcare organizations, healthcare management education.
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Strategic Human Resource Management Success across Cultures: The Importance of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence .
Robert H. Bennett III, Ashley B. Houser
Keywords: Strategic Human Resource Management, high performance work practices and policies, Cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.
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