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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume VI, Issue 2 – December 2015


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The Effect of Business Group Affiliation on the Pricing of New
Equity Issues.

Supriya Katti and B.V. Phani
Keywords: Business group, Initial public offering, Oversubscription.
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Do or Die:
How Exceptional IT Professionals Innovate.

Salvatore Parise, Patricia J. Guinan
Keywords: Information technology professional, innovation and leadership
traits, innovative information technology culture.
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Room for Improvement:
An Examination of the Use of Control Variables.

Leon Schjoedt and Krittaya Sangboon
Keywords: Control variables; Methods; Measurement; Data analysis.
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Influence of Long-Standing Formal Groups on Attribution:
Formation and Expression
Robert H. Bennett III, Ph.D. and Mark A. Grimes, DBA
Keywords: Attributions, Groups, Teams, Self-Serving Bias, Group-Serving
Bias, Limited Rationality, Heuristics.
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New Media – An Opportunity to Customer Relationship Management?
A Review-based Analysis of Success Factors and Success Effect
Robert Elmerhaus and Verónica Baena
Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Strategic Marketing;
New Media; Conceptual Paper.
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The New Disruptive Phase of Mobile Technology:
The Case of Wearables
Nabil Sultan
Keywords: Disruptive Innovations; Education; e-Health; Healthcare;
Knowledge Management; Public Safety
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