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International Journal of Management and Business

IJMB Volume V, Issue 2 – November 2014


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Cooperation Agreements by Spanish Companies:
Domestic vs. International.

M. Dolores Robles Fernández, Lydia González Serrano and Pilar Laguna Sánchez
Keywords: Cooperation, International and national partnerships, Internationalization, Spanish market
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Does Cognitive Style Make a Difference in Learning Statistical Concepts?
Raymond L. Forbes Jr, John S. Brent and Xiaopeng Ni
Keywords: mathematics education, cognitive styles, statistics instruction
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Combating Unethical Practices in International Trade
Patricia Y. Taylor
OECD, bribery, FCPA, combating, unethical behavior, compliance, public officials, international trade, record keeping.
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The Implications of China’s 2010 Tort Liability Law for Foreign Companies doing Business in China.
Donovan A. McFarlane
Keywords: Chinese Tort Liability Law, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), negligence, PRC (People’s Republic of China), PC (People’s Court).
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The Challenge of Change for Multinational Organizations:
A Case Study

Emily L. Ayubi, Brittany Bowers, Alexa Broida, Neil Jenkins, Monica McGhee, Ashley Miller, Avery Mitchell, Mellissa Walker, Lynn Offermann, Victoria M. Grady, DSc.
Keywords: Organizational Change, Trust, Effectiveness, Resistance, Culture, Change Success
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